Photo: Lynn Lane

Photo: Lynn Lane

Samuel Burkett

When? w/c 4 February, Monday and Wednesday, 9.30am - 11am

Where? Monday: Yorkshire Dance, Wednesday: RJC Dance

Samuel’s class is a highly physical contemporary class which emphasises engaging the brain in order to trust the body. Through coordination, partnering, and improvisation exercises, we attempt to ‘fry’ our brains in order to let go and be present in the moment. We then apply this to structured phrases to find freedom and fun in our dancing.

Samuel Burkett is a UK based dancer and choreographer. Originally from the US, Samuel trained in musical theatre before moving to Scotland to study Politics at the University of Edinburgh. Following his degree, Samuel trained with the Jasmin Vardimon Company as a member of JV2. He has performed in Belgium, the US, Australia, and across the UK and worked with a variety of companies and choreographers from across the UK, US, and Europe. His own choreographic work is distinctly physical and theatrical, and he draws inspiration from everything from professional wrestling to French love ballads.

Photo: markrichardsonphotography

Photo: markrichardsonphotography

Matilde Torres Laborde

When? w/c 4 February, Tuesday and Thursday, 9.30am - 11am

Where? RJC Dance

The class is structured in three main sections: a guided warm up (20 min), a block of linked exercices (40 min) and the delivery and further exploration of a phrase (30 min) Focus will be on body mechanics by increasing its awareness, working from simple to more complex phrases. With an emphasis on falling and dropping in and out of the floor, participants are encouraged to consider the effect of gravity and weight in their movement journey. Matilde wish to provide a container for each participant to find out a personal content, allowing the dancer to research their own moving nature while responding to a given pattern.

Matilde received her foundation course at the Conservatoire Professional of Dance in Seville(2003), followed by Theatre and Musical course at Coco Comin School (2004-2009) Barcelona. Her teaching experience began delivering modern dance class at Rosita Mauri Dance School (2010-2012).  In 2012 she continued her professional development, moving to the UK to complete her Bachelor’s degree in contemporary dance at NSCD, Leeds (2012-2015).  Here she developed her love of experimental choreography. Highlights of her professional choreography career include “While I waited to Happen” (2016) in Berlin and “Resonancia”(2018) in Sevilla.  These productions have helped shape her own vocabulary in practice. Matilde works as guest lecture at Leeds Beckett University on Industries and Arts, Specifically the performance & motion capture project. Matilde also works collectively with another Leeds based artist on their joint project, Tideland.  They are also developing a participatory workshop Where is the Barrier?