We offer daily morning class for professional dancers in and around Leeds. We aim to offer a varied programme that caters for the diverse community of artists in the region.

Did you graduate in the past 5 years and want to develop your teaching practice? Apply for our new scheme and receive bespoke mentoring whilst teaching 2 classes for us!

Do you know that you can buy a Friends Card for £30 and get 10 classes? It also entitles you to other deals, like discounted yoga classes.

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It has been great to see a more visible dance community in Leeds. The classes are really bringing people together.’
Suddenly you realise how many professional dancers there actually is in Leeds. It’s a great place for networking and making new friends.

A potted history of us

ProDanceLeeds is an artist led project set up by Kate Cox, Sarah Maria Cook, Sofia Edstrand, Rachel Fullegar and Rebecca Holmberg.  Our aim is to offer a varied programme that caters for the diverse needs of our community as well as the realities of the contemporary landscape in which dancers have to stay fit and versatile. As we are all freelance artists working in the sector, we have an understanding of what it means to be a freelance dancer trying to make a sustainable career. We want to meet the diverse needs of our community and need your help to make sure these classes will continue. We realise just how important ProDanceLeeds is, but it doesn’t exist without you. Do you have suggestions? Come talk to us! You can often find us in class.

ProDanceLeeds was founded in January 2015 when we received funding through Art Council England to run a six month Pilot, which provided morning class three days a week. The Pilot was a huge success, reaching over 130 dancers in and around the region, and having an average of 7 attendees per class. We received a second lot of funding to run the project for another year, with some important developments being at the core of the programme.  The second phase has seen the programme extend to five classes a week, and we are being mentored in business development by Space2, to find out a way that will make this programme sustainable in the long run.