photography: igor de Aboim

photography: igor de Aboim

Joao Maio

When? Monday 8 Oct - Thursday 11 Oct, 9.30am - 11am

Where? RJC Dance, The Mandela Centre

João’s class is designed to provide a pleasurable journey to the movers, whilst deepening their connection with their individual dancing bodies and space. We will start with finding mobility and freedom of movement through evolving floor-work sequences, progressing to standing work where we will be re-visiting and solidifying those same qualities, alongside grounding and travelling through space.

Born in Portugal, João Maio initiated his movement driven journey in 2009 at Balleteatro Professional School, Porto. Following this, João trained at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, graduating with a First Class Honours in 2015. Whilst at NSCD, João was invited to work with Carlos Pons Guerra’s DeNada Dance Theatre, playing the soloist role of the Virgin Mary in “O Maria”, and after graduating, he joined Rosie Kay Dance Company in several projects, most recently “MK Ultra”. While working as a dance artist and teacher, João completed his MA in Dance & Creative Enterprise in August 2018.
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